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Suleiman with Turban pouring Bedouin tea

Salamu Alaykum!

Old Wadi Rum Bedouin tribe

My name is Suleiman Khader Aljawyan &
I'm a member of the Bedouin tribe of Wadi Rum.

With over 13+ years of experience as a desert guide I will make your Wadi Rum experience as unique and breathtaking as possible.

Authentic Bedouin life

Like a long time ago...

... unlike most other Bedouin families, my parents still live nomadically in the Wadi Rum Desert.

During the seasons they move their tent so that their animals - goats, sheep and a dozen camels - can graze.

Today, my brother and I lead a semi-sedentary life at the doors of the desert, in Rum Village.
We remain deeply connected to our true home so it is essential for us to go there every day to see our family.

Experience Bedouin culture

We are deeply committed to the transmission of our Bedouin culture and knowledge- receiving tourists, showing them the place we live and introducing them to the old Bedouin way of life are also ways for us to share and perpetuate our heritage.

English speaking tour guides

We only employ highly experienced and English speaking guides on our tours and in our stays.

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