Feel the peace of the desert without giving up comfort


You love singing in the shower and don't want to miss a clean bathroom?

No problem! In our modern camp you can keep all your comfort you know from home like electricity, warm water, showers and clean bathrooms, all while still enjoying the amazing views and quiet peace the desert has to offer.

Listen to the oud or the rababa around the fireplace

In the evening you can relax privately in your tent, or hang around the fireplace with everybody. We will drink tea, tell Bedouin stories, explain our culture and watch the amazing night sky.

Some of us can also play Bedouin instruments like Rababa and Oud so we can also make a dance party.

Choose whether to sleep around the campfire with a guide below the beautiful star constellations or in your personal tent.

All overnight stays include sleeping equipment, and village transfers on Suleimans Banana Jeep.

Also including bottled water, breakfast, a freshly prepared, warm lunch and traditional Bedouin dinner cooked over the fire.

Tasty Bedouin cuisine

We have lots of tasty vegetarian and vegan options.

We prepare a tasty breakfeast buffet each morning with bread, sauces, hummus, yoghurt, eggs, salad and jams.

For lunch you will have something Bedouin cooked over the fire. We often make Zarb for dinner, which is the traditional Bedouin meal cooked underground.

Prices and Packages:
Price varies depending on tour packages, number of people etc. To find out more use our price calculator!


Keep the desert clean

Unlike most other camps, we use solar panels for clean electricity because we believe its a shame to damage the desert with Diesel generator poisons.

Furthermore we make sure trash is always collected on tours and in camp and properly dumped in the village.

Please don't leave your plastics anywhere in the desert. Bring it to camp and we will take care.

Find out more about eco-tourism and why we support it!


We have a huge dining tent with windows on all sides so you will have a great view while eating!

In our nice kitchen we will prepare traditional Bedouin deals for you to enjoy!


You will have your private tent with comfy sleeping equipment provided.
There are different tent options (single tent, double tent, family tent) according to your personal needs.


We have very modern bathrooms with western toilets, clean showers with warm water and multiple sinks. Women and have seperated bathrooms of course for privacy.


In the evening, you can join us at the fireplace. We will share things about our culture like stories, sing Bedouin song together or play Bedouin instruments. It will be fun watching the stars!