Stay out in the desert
with my Bedouin family


The most authentic experience in all of Wadi Rum...

Stay with my Bedouin family and we will introduce you to the real, old Bedouin way of life.

This is the closest way to experience Bedouin culture in the whole desert, as you eat, sleep and live with the nomadic tribe of Wadi Rum.

Sheep, eat, sleep, repeat...

We raise many animals, such as chickens, goats, sheep, camels, and a dog.

Choose whether to sleep around the campfire with a guide below the beautiful star constellations or in your personal tent.

Unfortunately stays cannot be provided during the nomadic moving seasons, we would tell you so you can change booking.

All overnight stays include sleeping equipment,  and village transfers on Suleimans Banana Jeep.

Also including bottled water, breakfast, a freshly prepared, warm lunch and traditional Bedouin dinner cooked over the fire.

Prices and Packages:
Price varies depending on tour packages, number of people etc. To find out more use our price calculator!