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Wadi Rum desert exploration from a camel's back

Feel like a real Bedouin

We, the Bedouins have appreciated the company and
many uses of camels for hundreds of years.

I own one myself and love her more than anything, so I'd be more
than happy to show you around the breathtaking landscape on the backs of our dear camels.

All Tours include a nice warm lunch and a beautiful sunset view from my personal favorite viewpoint!

To ensure that our camels can endure many more tours, the limit for body weight on the camel is 160kg.

Price and Packages:

Price varies depending on tour packages, number of people etc. There are discounts available. To find out exactly use our price calculator!

wadi camelss.jpg

Sunset Tour included

Our Camel Tour has sunset viewing included. It is from a great panoramic viewpoint in the middle of the desert. A view you won't forget!

Your Personal Package

We don't just offer full day tours! You can also choose to do 1-4 hours - you decide, we provide!

Feel free to combine with a jeep tour and our overnight camp stays!

Dune Sandboarding

Do you want to surf down a sanddune on a board? You can try! For you included in our tours for free

Including everything. 

No extra prices.
The price includes everything, there are no extra charges. Pickup & Dropoff, Food, Water and amazing time included.


Stunning landscapes

Meeting place

We can pick you up from Wadi Rum Rest house or start at your overnight stay. At the end of the tour we will drive you to your overnight stay or to the village.

Departure times

We usually start from the camp after breakfast around 9:00 AM, but it is a private tour so you can choose when you want to start.

We will return after watching the sunset.

Book now or view our Wadi Rum Overnight stays

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