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Sustainable Eco-tourism to save our Home: the Desert

Wadi Rum is a vast ecosystem which has not only been home to us, the Bedouins, for thousands of years - but also for a wide range of species. There are many nocturnal mammals, reptiles and insects, and also beautiful birds which complete the astonishing landscape.

But with the spread of mass-tourism deep into Jordan since the 90's, litter, trash, pollution and water-drainage and climate-change have lead to endangered species and an endangered desert.

If this reckless approach does not change, Wadi Rum will not be a place to call home for us, or for you to visit for long.

At the same time, the authorities don't do much to "protect" Wadi Rum - it's only a protected area by name.

Poor Camels bathing in trash
The poor camels: bathing in trash! - our future?

#EcoTourism: the only hope to save our homeland

All of our tours and accommodation options aim towards sustaining the environment long-term and offering responsible travel. We will take you on a Bedouin adventure without attacking the environment. We cherish our desert, and want you to cherish it too! At last, we are all just guests...

We need your help!

Without your help, we won't be able to accomplish this task, so there are some simple guidlines you should adhere to during your stay, so the desert will be beautiful for many more to visit:

  1. Choose a tour/accommodation company which places importance on environmental protection. Most "luxury", "glamping", "bubbel", "luxotel" or "hotels" in our area are owned by Amman/international businessmen who couldn't care less about the fate of our Homeland and our people. Thus, they don't care about where they dump their trash and waste water and energy but only about the profits from rich people. Some alleged "Bedouin/family camp" owned business are just lying and do the same, so make sure to do your research and refrain from these kinds of offers. There are real Bedouin run stays like ours who want to keep living here!

  2. Choose the authentic, friendly option :) We totally understand if you do not have a lot of time in Wadi Rum and want do to the Jeep tour to see as much as you can in one day or stay in a modern facility camp which provides you with all western standards. Its totally fine! However, if you want to experience a more authentic, close experience of the desert and Bedouin life, you could also take a guided hike or a camel tour. Furthermore, you can sleep in the wild desert instead (bivouac camping). This is just as safe and comfortable, and something you'll never forget. You can also stay with a real Bedouin family out in the desert, which is the most authentic & closest thing to traditional Bedouin life you can experience. We know these options are not worse but even more exciting!!

  3. Look after yourself! Many sightseeing spots are littered with trash, as there are no public trashcans and no waste disposal trucks roaming the desert of course. Please take everything you brought to the desert back with you! We recommend bringing a plastic bag so you can put all of your litter inside so you can dispose it in Aqaba/Amman on your way home.

  4. Water and electricity don't grow on tree! While our and many other camps offer running water and electricity, please remember that Jordan is a country with one of the smallest amount of water reserves. So keep your showers as short as possible, don't use so much water to flush the toilet when its possible and turn off the water tap when brushing your teeth. Most camps get electricity running diesel generators which pollute the environment, so please think twice before leaving the lights on when you leave to your desert adventures! However our camp has solar-panels we generate all of our power with and we can even store this energy with batteries to make sure you have green energy during day and night, without pollution. This works very well but is not the first options most think off, due to the low fuel price required to run the generators compared to acquiring solar panels.

Solar panel green energy setup
Our solar panel setup with 5 batteries for maximum storage

If you do these things, we are so grateful and you do more than most. Thank you for your support!!!

Long-Term: establish Wadi Rum Preservation Fund

We plan on forming the first fund for cleaning and preserving the desert, building up environmentally friendlier structures and actively pushing for a cleaner and healthier Wadi Rum tourism. Many wildlife protection areas already have such a thing, while Wadi Rum doesn't, and we wan't to make this difference. We will work together with local authorities and other camps and donate 25% of our earnings because we believe this to be the right thing to do. As without healthy desert, there won't be any tourism, and Wadi Rum and Bedouin life will perish. We want to propagate our culture for many years to come so we will act first!

Thus, providing eco-Tours, Eco-Camps and nature friendly stays are extremely important for us.

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