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Wadi Rum Camping & Bivouac

Enjoy the full night-sky experience

Sleep outside & the stars are your blanket

Feel the desert in this wild camping experience!

Let me show you the seasons most beautiful constellations around the campfire before dozing off in an open cave, with the stars above guiding you into your desert-dreams...

All overnight stays include sleeping equipment, breakfast, a freshly prepared, warm traditional Bedouin dinner and transfers on Suleimans Banana Jeep.

Prices and Packages:
Price varies depending on tour packages, number of people etc. To find out more use our price calculator!

Draußen mit Feuer.webp

Experience the Wild Desert comfortably

We provide you with all the equipment needed for a good night's rest, including comfortable mattresses, pillows and cozy blankets. We make sure you stay warm, even during the cold desert nights in winter.

This is a real outdoor experience, so there are toilets. It is however possible to shower.

There is also no cell reception or WiFi anywhere in Wadi Rum - time to relax.

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